Summer hotel in north-west Iceland

We are very excited to welcome you to our newly renovated two star Hótel Húni. At Hótel Húni we strive for a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all our guests. In June, July and August we open our hotel doors with 28 bright and cozy double and single rooms. We are located in the middle of a beautiful nature just off the main road with a hot spring on the land. We offer all our guests a warm and calming bathing experience at our beautiful swimming pool located right outside your window. At arrival guests get a guided tour around the building and are offered a small home baked treat from our kitchen a long with a cup of warm coffee or tea. At Hótel Húni you are in the Icelandic countryside so we want to welcome you 'country style'.

We offer a nice bathing experience at our beautiful swimming pool for all our hotel guests.

At Hótel Húni we have a small restaurant focusing on local ingredients from the nearby farmers. We serve a fresh breakfast buffet every morning with home baked bread that our guest can enjoy. In the evenings we offer a nice dinner by our own chef. Furthermore, free wi-fi is available through-out the building. All access and parking is very convenient for cars and campers of all sizes. Furthermore the hotel is easily wheelchair accessible. We are a family friendly hotel with a nice playground, a small soccer field and an indoor sports arena for all our guests to enjoy. During the winter the hotel building is a elementary school with 53 students from the area aged six to sixteen. We are very lucky to share a house with these cheerful children and proudly display their art work on our hotel walls.

We will open our doors June 3rd 2015 - we look forward to seeing you this summer!

Our rooms

Hótel Húni offers 28 bright and cozy double and single rooms, all newly renovated with a beautiful nature view. Every room has a wash station. Additionally four of our double rooms have private restrooms. In the halls you will find plenty of bathrooms and showers just outside your bedroom door. We supply slippers and robes to all our guests so you can walk the halls comfortably. Furthermore we offer a warm and calming bathing experience at our beautiful swimming pool located right outside your window. Find out more about our rooms.

Double room. All our rooms are newly renovated, bright and comfortable with a beautiful nature view.

Double room. Every room includes a wash station. We supply slippers and robes to all our guests so you can walk the halls comfortably.

Single room. Our smaller rooms are for either single or double occupancy.

OUr area

The northwest of Iceland has always been noted for its horsemanship and great wealth of horses. There are many horse rentals in the area so if our guests want to experience the amazing Icelandic horse in its dynamic habitat for shorter or longer tours we can suggest some great options. 'Just around the corner' from us at Hótel Húni you will also find a large variety of rivers and beautiful lakes. A wide variety of fishing permits are available in all price categories and we would be happy to guide you to a wonderful fishing experience. The area also has one of the largest seal-colonies in Iceland. Usually dozens or even hundreds of seals can be seen hanging in Vatnsnes peninsula curiously watching the travelers pass by. Selasetur, the one and only Seal Center in Iceland, is located in a nearby town, Hvammstangi, where these beautiful creatures are celebrated. Find out more about our vibrant area here.

Setting of a true story

The dramatic story of Agnes Magnúsdóttir, a young woman accused of murder in Iceland in 1829, is well known in the area as it happened just near by. In 2014 the award winning novel, Burial Rites, based on this true story was released.

In northern Iceland, 1829, Agnes Magnúsdóttir is condemned to death for her part in the brutal murder of two men. Agnes is sent to wait out the time leading to her execution on the farm of District Officer Jón Jónsson, his wife and their two daughters. Horrified to have a convicted murderess in their midst, the family avoids speaking with Agnes. Only Tóti, the young assistant reverend appointed as Agnes’s spiritual guardian, is compelled to try to understand her, as he attempts to salvage her soul.

As the summer months fall away to winter and the hardships of rural life force the household to work side by side, Agnes’s ill-fated tale of longing and betrayal begins to emerge. And as the days to her execution draw closer, the question burns: did she or didn’t she?

Burial Rites is a deeply moving novel about personal freedom: who we are seen to be versus who we believe ourselves to be. Hannah Kent portrays Iceland’s formidable landscape, where every day is a battle for survival, and asks, how can one woman hope to endure when her life depends upon the stories told by others? 

The story has moved readers around the world. We offer our guest the unique opportunity to experience this amazing story in the right setting. The book will be available in our hotel lobby. 

Hótel Húni

The heated swimming pool and hot tub.

The heated swimming pool and hot tub.

A view of Hótel Húni

A view of Hótel Húni

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