Hvítserkur, one of the most spectacular rock formations in Iceland, is very close to Hótel Húni. It rises 15 meters from the sea just off the shore at Vatnsnes. There is an old myth saying that Hvítserkur was a troll that wanted to tear down the bells in a nearby monastery, Þingeyrarklaustur, but was caught by the sunrise and turned to stone. You can also use your own imagination to see other mysterious stone creatures hiding in the rock. Today Hvítserkur is home to several species of birds that have painted the rock white with their guano deposit, which could very well be the reason for it's name "white shirt".


The area also has one of the largest seal-colonies in Iceland. Usually dozens or even hundreds of seals can be seen hanging out in the opposite shore of Hvítserkur curiously watching the travelers pass by. So a visit to Hvítserkur can be a magical experience in many ways. Selasetur, the one and only Seal Center in Iceland, is located in a nearby town, Hvammstangi, where these beautiful creatures are celebrated. The Seal Center has, together with local landowners, worked to open and develop a number of public seal watching locations around the Vatnsnes peninsula, that we can most definitely recommend.



While driving in the area you can see numerous horses enjoying the summer in the wild nature. The northwest of Iceland has always been noted for its horsemanship and great wealth of horses. It is also renowned for its many well-known horse breeds.  There are many horse rentals in the area so if our guests want to experience the amazing Icelandic horse in its dynamic habitat for shorter or longer tours we can suggest some great options.



Traveling around Iceland by car is both enjoyable and interesting. Having the fishing gear in the car with you gives you an opportunity to combine fishing with exploring at you own pace. 'Just around the corner' from us at Hótel Húni you will find a large variety of rivers and lakes. Wild brown trout and arctic char are the target species of game fishing in Icelandic lakes. The target species in the Icelandic rivers are Atlantic salmon, brown trout, sea trout, arctic char and sea char.
A wide variety of fishing permits are available in all price categories and we would be happy to help guide you to a wonderful fishing experience.


The north of Iceland truly is a land of contrasts. Its long valleys and peninsulas are interspersed with mountains, lava fields and smooth hills carved out by rivers. The deep and numerous indentations in the coast of the North are at times lush with vegetation, at others barren. As one nears the Arctic Circle in the northern latitudes, the midnight sun is invariably awe-inspiring.




The Textile Museum in Blönduós exhibits a unique collection of homemade wool and textile items. It also exhibits beautiful Icelandic national costumes and artistic embroideries along with many of the tools and equipment used to produce them.
It is the only one of its kind in Iceland and was founded by the Women’s Union in East Húnavatnssýsla. The museum was officially opened at the centennial of Blönduós in 1976 . The museum has been a private foundation since 1993. Today, it is situated in a beautiful new building and the exhibitions are easily accessible for visitors.